We’re not like other SEO agencies in Sydney. For us, it’s not about following a standardised checklist of digital marketing tasks. Instead, we create tailored SEO solutions that will build brand equity for your business in the long term. We take a strategic, big picture approach that considers how SEO can fulfil your objectives and contribute to your business as a whole.

SEO is just one of our many services. With specialists in website development & design, copywriting and more, we have a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of digital marketing. As good SEO is reliant on a range of digital marketing practices, it’s important to engage an agency that can deliver a multi-faceted service.

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Our ability to develop effective client relationships and provide real, lasting value is what gives us an edge over other digital marketers. Here’s just a few reasons why you should seriously consider working with BirdBrain’s Sydney team.

  • We’re Local 
    Based in Darlinghurst, Sydney, we produce all our digital marketing work in-house, offering total quality control.
  • No Lock-In Contracts
    We never ask our clients to sign an SEO contract. If we’re not the right fit for you, then there’s no reason why you can’t go elsewhere.
  • 20 Years’ Experience
    Our team combines technical expertise with practical experience to provide your business with the best advice and recommendations.
  • Broad Client Range
    From start-ups to national companies, we work with business of all sizes, with the ability to apply our services to any industry or niche.


At BirdBrain, we operate with full transparency. We communicate openly and ensure you fully understand our approach to digital marketing before we start working together. From our prices to our processes, everything is an open-book.

When you come on board with BirdBrain, you will receive a dedicated SEO specialist who will double as your account manager. This means your main point of contact isn’t just a middle man relaying information on to other experts. Your main point of contact is the expert.

During an inception meeting, your specialist will get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we will devise a strategy that will inform what we do for your SEO and how we will do it. Our SEO strategies use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology used by global heavyweights such as Google, Twitter and Amazon.

What’s more, you won’t find any ‘set and forget’ tactics here. On top of monthly reports, we will revisit your OKRs each quarter to measure performance, refine your strategy and realign our activities with your objectives to ensure we continue to track in the right direction.

Local SEO

As the name suggests, local SEO is about attracting organic search traffic to your website from potential customers within your immediate area.

While most people prefer to browse online before making a purchase, more than 90% will visit a physical store within approx. 10-15km of their home to make a transaction. Each day, around 76% of consumers will use their phone to search for a nearby business and roughly 28% of those searches will result in a purchase.

Maximising your local SEO activities is critical for gaining traction among customers who live near your business. Our Sydney team can undertake specific tasks to strengthen your local SEO including the implementation of local directory listings, targeted copy, Google My Business optimisation and more.

Local Directory Listings

Any online mention of your business name, address and phone number (NAP) will constitute as a local directory listing or citation. There are a wide range of platforms that could host a local directory listing for your business, including social media channels, online directories, other websites, apps and more. The purpose of the citation, as always, is to aid the user in discovering relevant local businesses.

It may not seem as though your local directory listings are overly important at first glance, but your citation profile can have a significant impact on your local search rankings and your reputation. The number of listings attributed to your business, the accuracy of the data and the quality of the platforms that host your citations will each affect your standing with search engines. If Google encounters inaccurate information or discrepancies between your listings, it will begin to distrust your business and its website, as misinformation is detrimental to UX.

Ideally, you need to have a strong set of listings across a wide range of credible platforms. At BirdBrain, our team can actively manage your data profile and ensure all citations for your business are always kept up to date. In doing so, we can exercise greater control over your online reputation, while positively contributing toward your local SEO.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile will appear when a user performs a search for either your brand name or a similar business in Google or Google Maps. As it can be viewed in searches for related businesses, your Google My Business profile is a great opportunity to increase visibility and boost the effectiveness of your organic search results. And the best part? It’s free!

While you can display basic information about your business on your profile, including contact details, opening times and directions, you also have the option to showcase your products and services through photos, videos and other business posts. Google encourages the use of additional media, claiming that businesses with photos receive 35% more clicks through to their website.

There are a variety of factors that will impact whether your Google My Business profile will be displayed, and the position it will hold in related search results. Google will weigh up your website experience, your proximity to the entity in the search terms, the completeness of your profile, your Google review rating and more.

Your Google Reviews play a major role in local SEO. The quantity and quality of your Google Reviews will impact how your Google My Business profile ranks, and your overall review rating could either entice or deter users from engaging with your business. With a rating above 4 stars, the user is likely to be reassured of your credibility and the calibre of your products and services. Anything below 4 stars, and the user may start to question your business standards and ethics.

Our digital marketers can optimise your Google My Business profile to help you gain maximum visibility, while providing you with strategies and advice on how to effectively manage your profile and your Google Reviews.

Content Marketing

Much like UX, content marketing also has a significant bearing on SEO performance. Content marketing provides a platform for SEO, allowing keywords and backlinks to be featured in relevant web pages and blog posts that serve to inform and engage the reader.

Once again, content marketing is not a set and forget exercise. As Google’s freshness factor prefers more recent content, you need to continually update and add to your website content. Google prioritises relevant, useful content that provides the most up to date information and rewards content creators that continually improve website content according to the needs of its users.

When used to its full potential, content marketing can achieve many things for your business. It can be used to express your unique brand story and communicate your values, both through what is said on your website and how it is said. Content marketing can also provide the user with solutions, positioning your brand as an authority on certain topics and also building brand equity.

From establishing trust with the user to providing a source of knowledge or entertainment, there are so many ways you can take advantage of content marketing on your website. By then optimising your content for SEO with the inclusion of specific keywords, appropriate backlinks and structured headings, you can start to fulfil multiple business objectives and reach your desired results.

Our SEO and copywriting specialists can work with you on an ongoing basis to develop content that supports a wide range of business objectives.

Link Building

Link Building

Link building can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While strategic, ethical link building can result in marked improvements in SEO, the opposite approach is not sustainable in the long term. Be wary of SEO agencies in Sydney that place a huge emphasis on SEO link building and promise to implement a specific number of back links per month. With link building, it’s more about quality than quantity.

The aim is to gain relevant links from diverse, high authority sources. Each link is like a vote of confidence that tells Google and other search engines to trust your site. Google assumes that birds of a feather flock together, so if your website is overrun by spammy links with low domain authority, you’re indicating to Google that your site is also of poor quality.

Any attempts to manipulate the system are heavily frowned upon by Google and are considered to be a violation of the Webmaster Guidelines. Link schemes, such as reciprocal linking, and link farms are all examples of link building tactics that will ultimately do more harm than good to your site.

At BirdBrain, we can use foundational link building to strengthen your SEO while playing by the rules. As every business is different, we don’t follow a set link building formula. We develop tailored off-site strategies that provide real value, rather than undertaking a series of less meaningful tasks that only serve to fulfil a monthly quota. With a customised link building strategy, your website could see an increase in search engine rank, an increase in page rank, speedier indexing and growth in brand authority.


It’s essential to have a website migration plan in place when launching a new domain or a new version of a website on the same domain, otherwise you could experience a major downturn in website traffic, rankings and domain authority. At BirdBrain, we develop effective migration strategies to ensure that all of your existing SEO work is carried across to the new site.

When creating a website migration strategy, we analyse every single web page to determine whether to implement a redirect, amalgamate it with another page or remove it completely. A website redirect will alert search engines that a web page has moved, enabling traffic to be rerouted when it attempts to visit the old URL. By implementing redirects you’ll also be able to reassign most of your domain authority to the new site, reducing the impact on your SEO rankings.

Our Sydney team can handle all aspects of website migration, ensuring a smooth transition or an effective launch, depending on your situation. We also provide domain hosting packages, offering you the convenience of having all your website and digital marketing services under one roof.


If you’re a business owner in Sydney and you’re looking for an SEO agency that can deliver real value in the long term, we’d love to talk to you! We get genuinely excited by the idea of building strong partnerships with passionate businesses who want to leverage the power of digital marketing.

To see how we could work together, call us today on (02) 8059 6900 or enquire below to chat to our SEO team in Sydney.

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