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Once upon a time, email was born. People loved it. Emails pinged here and there and everyone was happy. But then, an evil marketing genius realised emails could be used to sell things. Email marketing was born, and people loathed it. Emailers or eDMs grew to be despised, ignored and deleted without a second thought. Unless, that is, you have the right email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is as relevant and powerful as ever

Email marketing is like any marketing platform or channel. Used badly, it doesn’t work. It can even be counter-productive. But if you have the right email marketing strategy, it’s hugely powerful.

And there’s the key word: strategy. When you create a strategy that works for your audience and with your broader digital strategy, you can nurture loyalty, grow sales and enhance your brand.

The benefits of email marketing are huge

  • Extremely low cost
  • Exact and measurable return on investment
  • Instantly approach a dedicated client list
  • Specific personalisation to individuals

Email marketing and e-commerce

Email marketing and e-commerce is a match made in digital marketing heaven, as many hyper-successful online stores have discovered.

You can scale up on demand and reach customers via email at key times, from following up after abandoned carts, through to anniversaries and birthdays.

Do it right, and email marketing can create a timely win-win for customers and e-commerce sites alike throughout the buying cycle (and we know a thing or two about e-commerce website design).

Don’t ignore email marketing, embrace it

At BirdBrain, we believe successful email marketing is a small but important part of the big digital marketing picture. Find out how we can help you deliver the right messages at the right time with an email marketing strategy that works for you and your customers. See how we use Social Media to market your business.

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