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Authority + Expertise = Trust

Some people look at content marketing strategy as an opportunity for SEO copywriting – for generating traffic to your website. And it can certainly help with SEO. But our website seo content copywriters in Perth can help you do so much more, from engaging with customers, through to positioning yourself as the go-to authority – or even the unofficial custodian – for your industry.

A Content marketing Agency that promotes contentment

Content is, first and foremost, a way of helping your customers. For free. It’s an opportunity to share quality information that benefits your readers and, ultimately, your brand and bottom line.

It’s a chance to share your unique brand story and compelling content that solves the problems your audience faces – content they will, in turn, share.

And so, with our SEO content marketing copywriters on your team, you can build trust with new and existing customers, but also with Google – the best content marketing provides natural SEO benefits.

I’d like to talk content marketing.

We’ll create a tailor-made content marketing strategy

Don’t waste time telling a story that no one wants to hear to an audience that doesn’t exist. Start by understanding who you’re trying to help and what constitutes useful, usable content for them.

We’ll help you think strategically about your content marketing, what you want to achieve and the resources and channels you have at your disposal. Ensuring your content marketing strategy supports your big-picture marketing and business goals is key.

We will turn your blog into a value-adding asset

Giving your knowledge away for free is strange thought for some, but the benefits are huge, especially when you build a honey-trap blog to share your expertise and industry know-how.

By providing value through relevant and authoritative information can have powerful SEO impact. In particular when this information relates to specific questions your audience are thinking, asking and therefore, searching.

Over time, you can build trust in your brand, turning avid readers into equally avid and loyal customers. Talk to our content copywriters about how to turn your blog into a catalogue of quality content that nurtures enquiries and sales.

We can use white papers to give your brand authority status

A benchmark component of Google’s algorithm’s is E-A-T, an acronym for Expertise – Authority – Trust. Google’s quest to deliver the best results for their customer’s searches means determining which website contains the best content. E-A-T does exactly that by analysing content on the basis of Expertise, Authority and Trust.

Wherever you have significant experience or industry expertise, you should share it. Sometimes this will call for a more substantial publication, such as a white paper or e-book.

These deeper resources add deeper value for readers, offering facts, figures, insights and instructions. And if the value of the resource is great enough, website visitors will be happy to share their details with your business in exchange for the resource.

We’ll help you go social with your content

While it shouldn’t be treated as a selling platform, social media is perfect for distributing your content to new users and amplifying its brand-building effect.

Depending on your industry and resources, we’ll help you choose the best platforms to extend your reach and build authority, growing your customer base and elevating your brand’s profile.

Regardless of whether your goal is SEO results or not, building your content footprint and network is a powerful way to fortify your reputation now and for the future.

Talk to our SEO content marketing copywriters

From content marketing to out-and-out SEO copywriting services, our in-house experts in Perth can help you create a sustainable content marketing strategy that will enable your brand to break new ground, without breaking the bank.

Find out more about content marketing and where it fits into the whole SEO, social media marketing, link building and email marketing puzzle. Get in touch.

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