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SEO has a bad rep.

SEO has a bad rep.

More specifically, your average search engine optimisation agency does, and not just in Perth. Too many businesses are burnt by SEO ‘experts’ who over-promise and lock you into a contract, then under-deliver. But rules always have exceptions. And that’s us.

Since the dawn of the Internet, we’ve been honing our craft. Through every Google twist and turn, we’ve learned and developed a process that’s propelled the rankings and more importantly, the bottom line of hundreds of Perth businesses.

So whether you’re looking for growth, leads or to dominate your market, our data driven, mission focussed approach is here for you.

And on top of this, the secret to our SEO success? Hard work.

Explain how your SEO will work for me. Obligation-free.

We don’t believe in SEO contracts.

Instead, we believe we should earn your loyalty and, if we don’t deliver, you should be free to go to another SEO agency.

The fact that our client retention rate is regularly above 90% is telling, then.

It tells you that we’ve earned our search engine optimisation chops. That we adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithms faster than a Googlebot crawls your site. That we’ll deliver qualified traffic, month after month. And that we should probably be at the top of your SEO agency shopping list.

What do our SEO specialists do?

We deliver qualified traffic that converts into leads and sales. And we do it for organisations of different sizes, from different industries, throughout Perth and beyond. See for yourself.

How do we do it? Well, that’s the secret sauce – a special blend of best practice across:

Why choose us as your SEO agency?

We’re continually refining the ingredients and recipe to satisfy Google’s changing appetite for SEO best practice. That’s how we deliver impressive results, year in, year out.

Our team of 20 + local, industry experts are immersed in every SEO nuance. While some agencies might scratch the surface, we’re across the entire spectrum.

From building or refining your site’s content and technical structure to growing you domain authority, our though process goes deep.

With us you get:

  • A team of SEO specialists with over 20 years’ industry experience
  • A dedicated SEO specialist, on hand to explain everything to you, anytime
  • Transparent pricing, processes and regular open-book reports
  • Results – tangible, measurable results


At BirdBrain, we operate with full transparency. We communicate openly and ensure you fully understand our approach to digital marketing before we start working together. From our prices to our processes, everything is an open-book.

When you come on board with BirdBrain, you will receive a dedicated SEO specialist who will double as your account manager. This means your main point of contact isn’t just a middle man relaying information on to other experts. Your main point of contact is the expert.

During an inception meeting, your specialist will get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we will devise a strategy that will inform what we do for your SEO and how we will do it. Our SEO strategies use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology used by global heavyweights such as Google, Twitter and Amazon.

What’s more, you won’t find any ‘set and forget’ tactics here. On top of monthly reports, we will revisit your OKRs each quarter to measure performance, refine your strategy and realign our activities with your objectives to ensure we continue to track in the right direction.

Which translate into:

  • No lock-in contracts – if we don’t deliver, you’re free to walk
  • No smoke, mirrors or empty promises – if we mess up, we’ll own it
  • No set-n-forget tactics – we never stop improving what we do
  • No pointless rankings – we only target search results that will deliver qualified traffic

But SEO results are just the start. Our value is generating long term business equity that propels your business beyond the day to day.

As much as our clients value our focus on metrics – leads, traffic, rankings and revenue, the best SEO is business focussed.

That’s why each client engagement starts with the end in mind – defining and measuring your big picture objectives so we can plot milestones to get you there. This strategic and measurable approach bypasses the vagueness our industry is sometimes know for in favour of real outcomes.

Give your website an edge with Perth’s leading SEO agency

Search engine optimisation can take you and your website a long way, but only so far. That’s why you need an SEO agency that thinks big-picture digital, combining everything from website design and development to AdWords management and social media marketing. So put our claim to accountability and transparency to the test. Let’s talk.


Here are a few of the most common SEO questions we get asked.

How much does SEO cost?

We calculate SEO based on four factors:

  • The competitiveness of your industry. It’s harder to get a result where demand for your keywords is very high.
  • Your target geography. Less work required to get a result when you are targeting only your local suburb rather than nationally or internationally.
  • Your SEO history. If you have a high volume of toxic backlinks or harmful SEO tactics, it will take extra work to undo.
  • How broad your range of products or services are. Each specific product or service requires its own dedicated SEO efforts and will increase the work required to get a result
Do I need SEO?

It depends on your objectives. If you are trying to attract clients, grow brand awareness, build a sustainable digital footprint it’s likely SEO can be an valuable channel for your business.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of SEO?

To understand the true return on SEO, we need to understand:

  •  The value of your transactions
  •  The lifetime value of your clients
  • The conversion rate of your website
  • The quantity of traffic
  • The quality of traffic
  • Your ability to convert enquiries into sales

When we have this data, we are better able to calculate the return that SEO for your business.

How long does it take to get a result?

While it’s often possible to achieve some quick wins, sustainable SEO requires a concerted effort over the medium to long term.  There are literally hundreds of factors affecting SEO results. While some of these can be completed, some require ongoing incremental improvement.

What work do you do if I engage you for SEO?

Once we understand your SEO goals, we conduct comprehensive research to understand your business, your competitors and the best keywords and strategy to achieve your goals. Following this, we optimise the foundations of your site which involves correcting technical issues as well as the content and structure of the site. Once everything is in place, we move into the ongoing process of developing your domain authority, improving the user experience, content and trust. The tasks we do are based on the best pathway to achieve your business goals.

How do you measure success?

We believe it’s important to see progress toward the goals we agree on. Each quarter we set a series of objectives and measurable results to demonstrate our progress. On top of this we look at factors like, traffic to your site, growth in traffic per page, growth in traffic per keyword, growth in conversions and growth in traffic for supporting pages that are assisting conversions.

Do I need to sign a contract?

None of our clients are on SEO contracts. We believe it’s important that you are satisfied with our work each month to see the ongoing value. If for any reason you decide the value isn’t there, you just need to give us notice before the next month’s work commences.

Will SEO grow my business?

It’s important to understand that effective SEO is part of a bigger picture in growing the value of your business. For most businesses’ SEO is a fundamental requirement to increase awareness and conversions. We work with our clients to improve their brands perception, the quality of their website, their strategy, content, messaging and much more. Simply growing a business is not always a great goal. It needs to be done in a sustainable and holistic way to ensure it delivers a return for years to come.

What is User Experience and why does it matter to SEO?

It’s one thing to bring traffic to your site, but we need to influence visitors when they arrive. User Experience is as the term suggests, the experience they have on your site. Is it easy to find the content you are looking for, is the content high quality? Is the website fast and easy to navigate? Is the design engaging? All these factors play a part in your conversion rate and form an important part of our approach to SEO.

How many keywords can I choose to target?

We don’t put a limit on the number of keywords we measure. Some keywords are long and easy to rank for, while others are highly competitive and extremely difficult to rank for – it makes no sense to treat them all equally. Our approach is to conduct keywords research and work with you to focus on the terms and topics that will best meet your objectives.

Do you write blogs as a part of your SEO service?

Sometimes. SEO packages – the type that offer a fixed number of keywords, links, blog articles etc are generally just a sales tactic rather than results focussed. Every business is unique and it’s important to develop a custom plan that best achieves your goals. In some cases, blogs don’t make sense, for others it’s a key part of the strategy. If blog articles are important, we will include this in your monthly service. All our blog content is written in house in Australia, we don’t outsource to overseas writers.

How can I stand out in the search results?

Google offer a range of features that allow you to stand out from the competition. Appearing in the Maps listing, displaying reviews and FAQ listings are examples of opportunities to capture more real estate on the home page and are examples of the sorts of work we do in our ongoing SEO service.

What is domain authority?

Every website’s domain has a level of authority based on a range of factors. The main ones are the number and quality of backlinks pointing to it. The score itself is less important that it’s strength relative to your competitors. Building domain authority is one of the tactics we use to achieve your goals.

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