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Magento is a beautiful thing.

There’s no better e-commerce website development platform, and we should know – we’ve tried them all. It’s the number one choice among Australia’s largest retailers because it not only enables your e-commerce business to grow, but grows with it. So that’s decided – you need a Magento site. All you need now is a Magento developer.

Why choose us as your Magento developer?

We‘ve been building Magento websites from our Perth and Sydney offices for years, and while we don’t like to brag, we’re pretty good. Our Magento web design team has built e-commerce sites for multinationals and major B2Bs with 300,000 products, through to boutique start-ups.

Just as importantly, we get SEO, UI, UX and CRO – all the technical and strategic stuff you need to drive visitors to your website and convert them into paying customers.

  • 100% custom-built Magento websites
  • Over a decade of Magento web design experience
  • A focus on conversions and increasing revenue
  • Seriously good user-centric web design
  • Full plain-English Magento training (no developer hocus pocus)
  • Dedication to SEO in every aspect of design and development
Show me what Magento can do.

Why Magento?

Winning in e-commerce is not the walk in the park it used to be. You can invest all the money you like in fancy light boxes, slick calls to action and attribution models, but if your web platform isn’t the bee’s knees you’ll be back to your day job quicker than you can say ‘conversion funnel’.

It’s true there are many e-commerce platforms – some are good, some not so much – but they all tend to run out of steam as your business grows. Except Magento.

The reason it’s the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce platform in the world is that it’s the most feature-rich, flexible and scalable platform around.

Magento offers

  • Fully customisable and design optimised for mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Flexible payment options, including PayPal, credit card, purchase order and cash
  • Support for multiple currencies and international tax rates
  • Stock and catalogue management that allows you to group products together and create price points for different customer groups
  • One-page checkout to optimise conversion rates, plus the option to create a guest account or checkout
  • 100% SEO primed: Magento offers full control of URLs and the ability to add metadata for products, categories and content pages.
  • Magento gives you marketing and promotional tools so you can upsell or cross sell, generate unique coupon codes and manage newsletter subscriptions

The Magento advantage

“Magento is the standout e-commerce platform. It offers so much out of the box and is incredibly easy to extend. It works regardless of the size of your inventory, whether you sell 20 or 200,000 products.”

Sam Logan, Technical Lead

Want to quiz a Magento website developer?

Our Magento web design and development team knows Magento inside and out, so whether you’re looking to grow your e-commerce empire, or you’re a complete newbie dipping your toe in the e-commerce ocean, get in touch and pick our brains. No charge. No obligation.

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