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Our team rallied together to deliver a dynamic website within a very tight deadline.  

At BirdBrain, we know that every project we take on will always come with its own unique set of challenges. No matter whether we’re facing tricky technical issues or unexpected changes in circumstances, we know how to pull together as a team to find a solution and deliver a great end result.

When Rhythm Content came to us with a request for a new website build within a very tight timeframe, we knew we would find a way to make it happen. Our established relationship gave us confidence as we already had the foundations in place to work effectively together under pressure.

Rhythm Content describe themselves as a creative agency and a production company all rolled into one, so naturally they had a very clear artistic vision for their new site. It needed to be edgy and original, with an ultra-modern design that would express the two sides of their hybrid model.

While we knew the website had to be visually striking, we also needed to ensure the design would not compromise the User Experience (UX). Throughout the development process, our team came up with innovative ways to preserve website functionality and site speed, while still achieving the desired aesthetic.

Our web developers rose to the occasion and jumped straight into the project, moving with speed and precision under the looming deadline. By fast-tracking our processes and coming up with creative solutions on the go, we were able to provide Rhythm Content with an exceptional outcome, just in time for the unveiling of their new Subiaco office.
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