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The Goal

When it comes to sourcing high quality reconstituted limestone, you can’t do much better than Remastone. They’ve been supplying limestone blocks to homeowners and landscaping professionals since they started out in 2000 and have cemented themselves as Perth’s #1 manufacturer. But Remastone do a lot more than just limestone. They also offer a wide range of paving and cladding materials for indoor and outdoor renovation projects.

Remastone needed to get the word out there and change the perception of their brand. In the past, they mostly relied on traditional marketing channels, such as TV, radio and print advertisements. With the Perth market for pavers and cladding being highly competitive, Remastone couldn’t stick to just offline platforms if they really wanted to make a splash. They had dabbled a little in digital marketing on their own, but they really needed BirdBrain to pave the way for them.

How We Got There

We saw great potential in the Remastone website and focussed our energies on improving SEO and UX (User Experience). We restructured the Remastone site and beefed up the product content to provide more information about each individual product type and how these products could be used. Within 3 short months, we started to see great improvements on the site from an SEO perspective. The Remastone site began to rank for a wider range of keywords and became the #1 or #2 search result for many of its paving and cladding products.

Once we built a strong foundation, it was time to start directing traffic to the new and improved website. As Remastone’s products are very visually appealing, there was a great opportunity for Facebook and display advertising. Our designers put together beautiful images of completed projects to create aspirational ads that certainly gained attention. We also explored Google advertising to make the most of the many product pages we developed. The result was a significant increase in web traffic and enquiries. Our partnership with Remastone continues through to this day.
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