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The Goal

Starting up any kind of business can be a pretty big challenge. In the early days, you may have to take on any project that comes your way just to keep things moving. But once you start to gain momentum and make some progress, the rewards are totally worth it.

The talented ladies behind Red Lily Renovations know this feeling all too well. In fact, it was at this point in their journey that they came knocking at our door. Business was ticking over nicely, and they had a constant stream of clients coming in. They had reached a stage where they could afford to pick and choose the types of projects they took on.

Red Lily put a lot of love and care into their work. They combine their passion for design with their building experience to create bespoke home renovations and designs. The team wanted to tackle more sophisticated projects that would allow them to fully express their artistry and explore the potential of their craft.

How we got there

As Red Lily is all about creating beautiful spaces, we chose to move away from a traditional website design. Rather than keeping the content within a rigid, grid-like structure, we went for a more flexible, magazine style layout. This allows the content to flow gracefully throughout the site. We also added in some soft transitions so that the content fades into view as the user scrolls.

It was really important to make sure the website attracted the right types of clients. We structured the main navigation menu so that Red Lily’s portfolio would be easily accessible. By separating Red Lily’s projects from the rest of the menu content, the user is encouraged to view this part of the website first. As soon as the user sees the quality images and stunning designs, it’s very clear that Red Lily specialises in high end projects.

Within less than a year of launching the new website design, Red Lily was inundated with enquiries. They were able to take on projects that ticked all the boxes on their wish list and they exceeded all of their targets.
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