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The Goal

How would you describe a typical lawyer? Someone who wears fancy suits and works in a corporate office? Someone who is motivated by wealth and greed? Well, imagine a law firm that’s filled with legal professionals who are determined to be the exact opposite.

Enter: Loukas Law, a family law practice with a very different approach. The team at Loukas Law work with people who are going through some pretty tough times. They want to make sure these people get all the help they need, from legal assistance right through to emotional support.

When Loukas Law was first set up, their warm and caring ways certainly got people’s attention. They were doing very well for themselves, but they faced a lot of competition. Loukas Law came to us because they needed to get to the next level. They needed a strong website presence that would allow them to stand out from their competitors.

How we got there

Loukas Law are so much more than just a legal service. So, it was up to us to build a website that presented them as a team who go above and beyond and offer a full support system.

We designed a warm and comforting digital space and made sure that every part of the website had a personal touch, even down to the style of language used in the copywriting. Drawing on the silver and gold Loukas Law logo, we developed a soft colour palette that we used alongside calming imagery. Loukas Law felt we nailed the design, but this was only half the job. The other half was SEO.

It was very important to consider SEO from the very beginning of the website build. There’s a lot of competition in the Perth family law space, and a lot of these firms have longstanding websites with high authority. We built the Loukas Law on a solid SEO foundation and began to see results very quickly. Before long, Loukas Law were ranking on page 1 of Google and were even among the top 3 search results for certain keywords. It was a job done well by our tech specialists!
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