The Goal

Aussie Living Homes are all about helping young people achieve their dream of getting into their own home. They offer super affordable house and land packages in great Perth locations that allow first home buyers get onto the property ladder and get out of renting.

When Aussie Living Homes came to us, their website wasn’t quite doing what they wanted it to do. The design was a little outdated and didn’t offer the best user experience. Instead, it tended to bombard the user with bright red sales messages, and overall the site felt a little cluttered. It wasn’t capturing the attention of their young audience and it wasn’t generating as many leads as they would have liked. They needed the BirdBrain experts to get them on the right track by refreshing their entire website design.

How we got there

Our first step was to restructure the website for the best user experience. We wanted people to be able to find the information they wanted as quickly and easily as possible and encourage them to complete an enquiry form. At the same time, we had to consider SEO and put together a strategy that would give Aussie Living Homes the lift in Google rankings that they were after.

Once we had all the technical bits and pieces sorted, it was time to look at the design. The Aussie Living Homes logo is made up of red, blue and white, but the website definitely favoured one of those three colours – red. We decided to tone down the red and amp up the blue to soften the entire design and reduce its overwhelming sense of urgency.

When the website build was done and dusted, our partnership with Aussie Living Homes didn’t end there. We collaborate on all sorts of digital marketing activities that are all aimed at increasing their volume of leads. Aussie Living Homes are stoked with the BirdBrain team and the work we continue to do for them on an ongoing basis.

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