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Our specialists worked in unison to deliver a seamless experience and a strong final product.

While digital signage is still a relatively new technology, it’s gradually becoming more and more widely used across Australia. In fact, it’s more than likely that you’ve engaged with digital signage in your day to day life without even realising. From interactive menus in restaurants to promotional screens in retail stores, digital signage can be applied to a broad range of settings to accommodate all sorts of business needs.

Our client Amped Digital specialises in creating custom digital signage solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They provide a complete service from start to finish, taking care of procurement, installation, design and technical support.

To communicate their expertise and demonstrate the capabilities of this growing technology, the Amped Digital team needed to revamp their existing website. Being digital designers themselves, they came to BirdBrain with a very clear direction for their new website design. Our team conducted a User Experience (UX) review of the proposed designs and provided recommendations on how to enhance the overall website experience. Once the designs were finalised in line with our feedback, our web developers commenced coding the new site using Gatsby.

With the website build underway, our copywriters began to craft the service pages, while our SEO experts worked their magic in the background. By completing development, copy and SEO side by side, we ensured the site would be able to gain traction in its rankings from the moment it went live. This approach also allowed us to provide Amped Digital with a seamless project experience, which in turn led to a great end result.
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