WordPress 3.9 Smith Released With Better Media Editing Gallery

We’re always excited for new WordPress updates and this one in particular has caught our attention. WordPress 3.9 “Smith” which is named in the honor of jazz musician Jimmy Smith, makes some great strides towards its goal of closing the gap between editing and publishing.

What we’re most excited about is

  • The ability to upload images by dragging them straight into the visul editor, making the editing process for more intuitive
  • Live gallery preview in the visual editor which will now all you to see the images contained inside
  • The ability to scale images with a simple click and drag in the WYSIWYG (finally!)

Being able to now remove all UI distraction when creating a new page / post is also a nice addition. Branded as ‘Distraction Free Writing’, we can see this being a great way for users to write their latest blog posts without having to resort to using Microsoft Word beforehand. This is a simple feature we’re sure serious bloggers will love.

There is a bunch of other new features and improvements and you can get the low-down on them at the official WordPress blog.