Like so many of the other social platforms Twitter is fighting to stay fresh and up to date. Cue the roll out of the new look Twitter profiles making is easier to use and stay up to date with relevant content.

So what has changed?

Font Size

In an attempt to cut through the noise on Twitter, Tweets with the most engagement will be seen in slightly larger fonts to help identify relevant and influential content for users. We like this however what engages some may not engage all, so it should be used as a guide where smaller text Tweets should not be overlooked.

Cover Photo

One of the most obvious changes is the dramatic increase in the cover photo size. Now streaking across the top much like Facebook it gives you an extended opportunity to create a meaningful message through your cover photo design. They say first impressions last, so we support this larger image as a brilliant opportunity to enhance your brand recognition and give users an insight into your brand personality and activities.


The new profile now makes it easier for users to see what you have ‘favourited’. This can now expose those spamming Twitter with favourites to increase their following. Using favourites to grow is a good strategy however content should be relevant to your brand and be beneficial to your followers. Now, more so than ever you will be exposed if you are spamming people with favourites.


The three-column approach resembles that of its larger brother, Facebook. Moving the profile picture and content away from the cover photo allows for easier reading and more creative liberty with using the cover photo.


Another key feature is the ability for users to sort content by Tweets, Tweets and Replies and Tweets with photos and Videos. This helps users shift through the wall of text and find what they want easier.

Pinned Tweet

Have you Tweeted some great content you think should stay in people’s visibility? Twitter now allows you to pin Tweets to the top of your feed increasing visibility and relevance of the content. Does this seem a familiar concept? Facebook have had this feature since 2012.

Follower and list revamp

Twitter has redesigned the way your lists and followers appear, displaying followers and lists in a three-column grid design rather than the previous list format. This makes it easier to get extended detail and makes it easier to select the appropriate user for whatever reason.

Overall we welcome the changes as a cleaner and more efficient way for presenting brand personality and influencing brand enhancement. It is however a shame that that Twitter is looking more and more like Facebook, following suit rather than progressing ahead and setting the next new trend.

We have notice a trend occurring for Twitter as well as other key social media platforms. The constant need to simplify activities for the user and encourage users key to these updates. Twitter has already made efforts to simplify use with its advanced search function, hashtags and now the several new features and design shows further support for this trend.

So what’s next for Twitter?

We expect this trend of simplifying use to continue but the biggest challenge to overcome is overcoming social media fatigue. Time will tell if these changes will help with user engagement and continue to fuel Twitters growth.

Image Credits: Social Networking ShutterStock