Google-Remarketing-960 x 933If you’ve wondered whether Google Adwords is a good fit for your business, Google Remarketing may just be the feature to convince you.

Google introduced Remarketing in 2010 as a way of displaying your ads to previous visitors to your website who have perhaps not proceeded with a purchase. It’s a way of targeting warm leads in a way that can significantly increase the return on investment of your Adwords campaign.

Nothing kills the return on an Adwords campaign like dead clicks.

Just imagine a potential buyer – let’s call him Simon. Having spent a few weeks researching a new pair of headphone, Simon decided on the model he’d like to purchase. He Googles the headphones, and notices your ad. Clicking through to your website Simon finds that you’re offering the exact model he’s looking for at good price. You have stock, you offer free delivery – bingo he decides to make the purchase.

Just as Simon clicks on the “add to cart” button, his young son starts crying in the next room. Simon closes his browser and runs in to see what is wrong and just like that, he’s forgotten your website even exists.

The next evening, Simon searches the headphones again and this time, lands on your competitor’s website. He proceeds to purchase the headphones at a slightly higher price.

This is where a Remarketing campaign would quite likely have salvaged your sale.

With Remarketing, when Simon next used the internet, he would have been reminded of your brand and products as Google placed ads on other websites Simon visits. The familiarity and timeliness in all likely hood would prompt Simon to click through to your site and pick up where he left off with a purchase.

Before Remarketing, it’s likely the sale would be lost forever – just another wasted click. Google Remarketing allows you to resurrect these lost clicks in a way that can completely transform your Adwords campaign.