“All roads lead to Rome”

Your website is Rome and the roads are the various social media platforms and search engine optimization activities (SEO). What I mean by this is that aligning your SEO and social media activities is a vital strategy for achieving your digital goals.

What is SEO?

Continuing on with the road analogy, SEO is the car that gets you from where you are now to Rome, the better the car the quicker you get there. In short SEO is the activities involved in optimising the text, look and functionality of a website and developing presence on other high authority sites to improve visibility on search engines. It is the engine of your car and having a reliable engine would make your journey faster.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a the collection of platforms used for interacting with other users, generally with a social element. It includes the obvious Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but stretches as far as Wikipedia and World of Warcraft.

Social media platforms represent the side roads that feed the main road that leads to Rome – or in other words social media feeds traffic and sources that fuel SEO and leads users to your website.

Still with me?

If I can pull you back from dreaming about Rome, the important thing to note here is the interrelated nature of social media and SEO. So here are 3 things to know about how you can leverage social media to boost SEO.

1 – Influence SERP’s

SERP’s or to ‘search engine results pages’ refer to the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword search. Google indexes social media platforms, so when you post unique and regular content it positively impacts the authority and relevance of your page, boosting your organic SEO. The best way to see this is by searching BirdBrain Logic in Google, the top result as it should be is our website. Importantly the next three are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This dominant presence builds authority and provides more opportunity for users to engage with the brand and choose where they want to engage.BBL_Google

2 – Perfect Google+

There is no social media platform more influential on organic SEO than Google+. Google+ is thoroughly indexed by Google and integrated into search results. There are two features in the image above that are influenced by Google+ that impact your SEO.

Firstly there are user reviews and company information integrated with the website listing. This builds the authority and links to the website and further influences SEO effectiveness. The second component is the right hand information panel. This information is collected from Google+ profiles and expands visibility beyond simple search listings.  

3 – Link Potential

Social media has the unique ability to amplify your content way beyond your existing followers. Take for example a tweet with a link to a blog article posted on your website. This is re tweeted by 10 users, exposing your URL and brand to their followers. The result is a higher link reach and exposure to credible link sources. This develops higher link and website trust and traffic which brings a higher SEO result for the website.

This is just 3 of the many ways leveraging social media can boost organic SEO. To round it all up, the fundamental takeaway is to buy a fast sports car (SEO) and get a good satnav (social media) and you will get to Rome quickly and effectively. I can’t resist one last Rome reference, when it comes to SEO and social media “Rome wasn’t build in a day” so ensure regular content and up to date practices to get the best result and keep the traffic flowing down the roads and side streets.

Image Source: Rome ShutterStock