A few words on the future of BirdBrain from Director David Metcalf. 

As the calendar resets, it’s nice to feel confidence in our team and pride in our achievements in what was an exceptional 2018. I feel fortunate to be a part of building something as unique and rewarding as BirdBrain.

Of course, it’s the future that matters and looking forward to 2019, our priorities will also reset. We’ll be shifting our focus to three areas:


I love flat, transparent team structures that empower problem solving, proactivity and creativity. Various approaches such as that used by Valve, the one outlined in Holacracy, and more recently, Radical Transparency as explained by Ray Dalio in Principles are different to traditional top down environments. In 2018, I put my money where my mouth is and invested in Huminate, a framework geared to activating human connection and productivity in larger teams.

Unfortunately, implementation of a similar team structure at BirdBrain has been hindered by my hesitation to commit. This year, I’ll be improving clarity and certainty in this crucial area.

While BirdBrain’s team has strength in its diversity of age and experience as well as our range of services across our Perth and Sydney offices, in 2018 it became clear we needed better integration. Team integration will be our number one priority this year.


Over the course of 25+ years, we’ve honed the craft of taking effective briefs and building client strategies that yield real business results. I believe these are capabilities that get better with experience -it’s very hard for newer businesses to do this well. In 2019, we will deepen the cohesiveness of how brand strategy and digital strategy work together.

To drive implementation of these strategies, we will continue to develop our version of the OKR (Objectives, Key Results) methodology. This will ensure each client has a current, active and purposeful plan with a set of measurable key results.


Progress as a technology company means iterating on what we’ve learnt with the most current tools available to us. While it’s easy to continue using the approaches that have worked in the past, it is short sighted and will eventually lead to substandard work.

We are fortunate to have an experienced team of web developers with an appetite for constant improvement. We will continue to progress our development workflow with an emphasis on innovative tools such as React and Gatsby. More importantly, we’ll be using technology to maximise SEO outcomes and create the best possible user experience on all our web and app-based projects.

Thanks to our amazing clients for trusting us with their business, and to our staff for giving so much throughout 2018. I can’t wait to see next year’s prologue.