Frustrated with your current clunky CMS platform and keen to know what’s the buzz about Magento, the most searched eCommerce solution?

They are calling it the platform of growth – designed for scalability and built to work if you are selling one or 100,000 products.

Magento was fundamentally developed to overcome eCommerce challenges faced by store owners, marketers and shoppers. Its versatility and customisation ‘straight out of the box’ makes it a very powerful platform. That said, speaking to Magento users we discovered that its built-in functionality, ease of integration and user-friendliness is just as important.

Shop owners enjoy a visual based page editor, easy drag and drop merchandising and advanced analytics. They are reassured knowing that their site is open for business globally 24/7. Merchants can conveniently operate multiple store fronts (different brands, markets, languages) from one backend dashboard.

The easy to use CMS makes navigating Magento easy for people of all ages and experiences and I can run all three of my sites from one admin area – Mike, shop owner

Search engine optimisers have the luxury of keyword rich and search engine friendly URLs. SEO’s also have the ability to individually set meta data for different products in SERP’s. These features, along with a built-in cache engine to help improve load times, gives products an edge when competing for the top ranking positions in search engines.

Magento has some cool backend options to make a website SEO friendly; in particular its really simple to optimise the product and category pages Sukh, SEO

Impressive built-in tools keep the marketing team happy. Magento seamlessly integrates with social media platforms and EDM software such as Mailchimp and Quota. Marketers can make use of a special landing page tool for campaigns, an up-sell and cross-sell feature, multi-tier pricing and bundled product offers – to name a few.

Through its intuitive design and functionality, Magento helps improve conversion rates by enhancing the user experience. It ensures all of our hard work driving traffic to the site is maximised Glenn, Marketing

Designers and developers save a lot of time (and your money) when working with open-source software because of the widespread availability of thousands of useful extensions and plugins. The platform also allows designers to create custom sub-themes and customise almost every visual appearance element.

Huge community producing extensions to meet almost any requirement Sam, Lead Developer

Multi-touchpoint shopping is here, with customers demanding accessibility on all of their devices. People research products on a mobile, use the phone support, review products on social pages and purchase on a tablet via Paypal. The Magento shopping cart is responsive and seamless across all devices and browsers, assisting shoppers in their journey to the checkout. Customers can also take advantage of the intuitive search, fast navigation, suggested products and a simple non-intimidating checkout process.

Ive come to expect auto-suggest, quick-view, cart previews and simple checkout features, I also use live chat whenever I’m stuck – Lenise, shopper

The old saying ‘work smarter not harder’ rings true for the shop owner, web developer, marketer and shopper, and Magento certainly makes life easier! It automates a lot of the unglamorous and time consuming tasks, allowing all parties to focus on enriching the customer experience, delivering a tailored service and converting more sales.

If you are ready to learn more about delivering an amazing shopping experience to your customers and overcoming some of your eCommerce challenges, we can help with Magento.