Our long-term client RTS Training has been providing nationally accredited first aid and CPR courses for many years now. Once the global pandemic reached Perth, it wasn’t long before they were unable to continue running their training courses. To comply with social distancing rules and protect the safety of their team and students, RTS Training had to find a way to adapt.

Online Learning

Our team suggested they provide the same information via online learning and adjust skillset building activities to be undertaken in a home environment. By creating paid video tutorials for their most popular courses, RTS Training were quick to get on the front foot of COVID-19. They were able to continue providing their training services during lockdown, ensuring their business was not at a standstill.

The Challenge

While they were able to find a workaround, they still needed to find a way to communicate their new online offering to potential students. To get the word out and generate conversions, their team turned to ours for a digital marketing solution that would suit their needs and their budget.

The Solution

It was identified that a strategic, highly targeted PPC (pay-per-click) search campaign would be the most effective way to achieve their desired outcomes. Social media, content marketing and email marketing are all excellent ways to raise awareness, but we needed to do more than simply educate people about these online courses. It was up to our team to find a way to drive relevant traffic to the RTS Training website; visitors with high intent to engage with their services and make a transaction.

Cost-Effective Campaign

While social media advertising can generate strong results, it can also require design, video editing, animation, copywriting and more. Google Search Ads, on the other hand, are purely text based, making them faster to turnaround and a more cost-effective choice. As a PPC campaign only requires you to pay for the clicks you receive, it also ensures your budget is used to its full potential.

High Intent Traffic

Social media offers comprehensive audience targeting so you can identify the most appropriate users to reach with your campaign. It’s all about pushing your message out to the people that are likely to have interest in your offering.

With Google Ads, you’re putting your brand in front of people who have already demonstrated that they want to take action. By simply performing a search with relevant terms, they have indicated that they are actively seeking your product or service. For all of these reasons, a PPC campaign was the best choice for RTS Training during this time.

What’s the Right Move for You?

Have you changed the way you do business or need help adapting to a more digitally focussed world? Get in touch with our team today. We can provide you with the support you need and advise you on the digital marketing strategies that will work best for you moving forward.