“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Charles Darwin first said that back in 1859. While it may be a paraphrase of his original text, the core meaning remains the same, and it could not be more relevant in today’s COVID-19 world.

The need to adapt to a changing environment has become our new normal. With the global pandemic giving rise to a number of unique challenges, businesses have been forced to adjust and find solutions. Many have found ways to make the most of these uncertain times, ensuring they will be able to transition back to business as usual on the other side.

Our long-term client Remastone is a great example of a business that has taken advantage of our lockdown lifestyle. They’re a local, family owned business that supplies and manufactures paving products, limestone blocks and stone cladding wall features to homeowners and landscapers across WA.

Towards the end of 2019, we launched a multi-channelled campaign to increase recognition for the Remastone brand and raise awareness for their limestone products. When COVID-19 began to ramp up in Perth, Remastone were quick to pivot their marketing strategy with us. It was no longer about growing their business but finding ways to maintain their offering in a world of self-isolation.

To save time and reduce cost, we adjusted their existing ad creatives to promote a different message. Here is a breakdown of the original campaign and how it was later modified in line with COVID-19.

Multi-Channel Brand Awareness Campaign | October 2019 – February 2020

The Remastone team have always been open to suggestions and new ideas. When we began to plan their awareness campaign, we saw the potential to explore channels and formats that they had never used before. With the aim of maximising reach, we launched the campaign on Spotify and social media, using the Facebook Instant Experience format for the first time.


Spotify have recently released an easy to use advertising platform called AdStudio. You can upload a script to the system and Spotify will create a voiceover recording for you, free of charge.

The convenience and cost-effectiveness of the ad creation process were huge selling points for us and Remastone. It also presented an opportunity to reach a wide audience in a different way.

Our designers put together campaign graphics for the Spotify app, while our copywriters crafted a compelling script that told the story of Remastone and its limestone block offering. We selected appropriate demographics and interests to ensure the ad would be heard by as many relevant people as possible within the Remastone target audience.


The Remastone audience is highly active on Facebook. The world’s largest social media network offered the chance to reach new people within their demographic, while reiterating the brand and its value offering to those already familiar with Remastone.

Based on the recommendations of our integrated media specialist, the Facebook campaign was comprised of carousel, video and Instant Experience (IX) formats. Previously known as Canvas ads, the IX appears as a standard ad on the newsfeed that then expands into a mini website within Facebook. It allows you to customise your theme, template and content, with the aim of communicating a story or a set of key messages.

For Remastone, the IX offered an ideal way to express important information in a visually appealing way. It was also more time and cost-effective than building a new landing page on their website for the purpose of this campaign.


Instant Experience (IX)

COVID-19 Message Pivot | February – March 2020

As Perth began to feel the effects of the pandemic, Remastone noticed that customers were starting to purchase limestone blocks in large quantities. Similar to hoarding toilet paper, people were suddenly looking to buy limestone blocks in bulk.

Acting on the shift in purchasing behaviour, we transformed their multi-channelled awareness campaign into a Facebook lead generation campaign. The existing ad creatives were quickly and easily modified to communicate a different set of messages around renovation in isolation.

Instead of raising awareness, the ads encouraged people to use their time at home to improve their outdoor areas. Free delivery was also offered as an additional incentive. We relaunched the Facebook campaign immediately, targeting new and existing audiences to amplify reach.



The Outcome

As a result of the COVID-19 messaging, the campaign was a great success. During a time that caused financial strain for many businesses, Remastone were able to enjoy a return on their investment, selling a large quantity of stock off the back of the Facebook campaign. By quickly taking strategic action and not allowing fear to drive business decisions, Remastone were able to adapt and thrive.