At first glance, establishing an organic social media presence for your business may seem like a simple exercise. But while it’s easy enough to post a quick photo here and there, it takes a lot of time and effort to construct a consistent stream of content that expresses your brand and speaks to your audience.

Organisational development consultants People Solutions know this all too well. They’ve been looking to leverage the power of social media for a few years now, but like many businesses, they’ve faced a series of obstacles that have made it challenging for them to get their presence off the ground. When the situation came to our attention, we knew we would find a way to help them overcome these hurdles. After working together on a rebrand, a website redevelopment and ongoing digital marketing activities over the course of a decade, it was merely a matter of putting our heads together to come up with an effective solution.

But First, Why Social Media?

With the human resource and recruitment industries becoming increasingly reliant on digital platforms, it was a logical move for People Solutions to strengthen their organic social media.

These days, LinkedIn plays such a significant role in the recruitment process, with the expectation for all professionals to have an up to date resume on their online profile. As leading experts in their field, People Solutions needed to have a well-developed LinkedIn business page to align their digital presence with their industry reputation.

In their bid to always remain on the forefront of innovation, People Solutions consistently conduct extensive research and collate their findings into various white papers and articles. Social media networks provide them with the ability to mass distribute their high-quality content, ensuring they are able to reach their audience to educate them and demonstrate their expertise.

By developing an organic social media presence, they are also setting the foundations in place to be able to run paid campaigns in the future. No matter whether it’s a sponsored update or a targeted lead generation campaign, paid social media activity requires an established organic presence to be truly successful.

Organic social media should communicate your brand personality, build trust, demonstrate credibility and provide an overall impression of your business. It exists to build brand equity and to support your paid advertising efforts. Once you have nailed your organic social media, your advertising efforts will be far more likely to attain optimal results. As they say, you have to walk before you can run.

So, what was the Problem?

While it was clearly an avenue they needed to pursue, there were several barriers that were preventing People Solutions from implementing an effective organic social media presence.

Lack of Internal Resources

Social media demands a certain level of responsiveness, with the ability to capture moments as they happen. As a digital marketing agency, there is much we can do to support businesses that are looking to up their organic social game, but ultimately, there needs to be someone internally with their boots on the ground who can be responsible for social media and drive it forward. With all team members at full capacity, People Solutions did not have an internal resource they could rely on.

Short on Time

Major brands and influencers have carefully crafted their image to make it appear effortless, but in reality, there is an entire team of specialists managing their social media, from customer service consultants right through to photographers and graphic designers. Once again, with no one available to put in the necessary hours, People Solutions did not have the time to manage their social media.

Unclear Direction

There’s a big difference between knowing you need to regularly post to social media and actually doing it. Developing a strategy, brainstorming creative concepts and planning consistent content on an ongoing basis is a major undertaking that can be quite overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start or how to go about it. While the team had some ideas on content they could potentially post, there was no clear direction for them to follow.

Not Enough Imagery

Every social media channel requires quality images – not just Instagram. With a limited library and no way to expand it without investing a lot of money in a professional photo shoot, they had little choice but to rely on stock imagery. There will always be times when a business will need to use stock photos, but it’s always best to keep this to a minimum where possible. Social media users want authentic content, and most will be able to spot a stock image from a mile away.

How the Conversation Started

When discussing the launch of their latest white paper with our team, we recommended using social media to help amplify distribution. The aim was to create a couple of posts for varying channels to share their latest research on recruitment of people with disabilities.

As the conversation progressed, People Solutions raised their desires to pursue social media and the issues they have been experiencing in their attempts to do this. We realised there was an opportunity to not only help them post their latest white paper, but to also establish a process that would enable them to continue creating their own posts in the future.

The Canva Solution

Online design tool Canva has risen in popularity in the last few years and it’s easy to see why. With a drag and drop functionality that emulates user friendly website builders such as Wix and Squarespace, Canva offers a simplified alternative to Photoshop and other professional graphic design programs.

We decided to create a series of Canva templates for People Solutions that would allow them to quickly and easily create well-designed social posts. Drawing on the colours and shapes in their brand theme, we developed the following graphic templates, bypassing the need for photography;

  • White paper launch
  • White paper fact snippet
  • Team member highlight
  • Various layout options for additional post types

Our team also built mix and match design elements into their Canva account to ensure they could easily add a title, call to action or brand mark to each design as needed. We also created a style guide that they could access within Canva to ensure that all of the correct colours, fonts and sizes would be continually used for consistency.

Sharing the Load

As People Solutions were struggling to find the time and resources to put into their social media, it was decided to spread the workload across multiple team members, ensuring that no one person would have to manage everything on their own.

We conducted a training session with the team to get everyone up to speed on how to use Canva and the elements we created for them. Everyone was excited to learn and eager to come on board, knowing they would be fully supported by their fellow team members in the exercise.

Sweet Success

By coming together as a team and making use of Canva, People Solutions have begun to reap the rewards of their efforts. Since they began following the new process, their organic social website traffic has increased 215% month on month, with their social media generating a 6.58% conversion rate for the month of May.

Looking for Social Media Support?

Whether you’re in need of a quick and easy framework to help you gain traction on your organic social or a more in-depth strategy that can take your presence to the next level, we’re here to help. Get in contact with the BirdBrain team today.