In celebration of this month’s International Dog Day, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of the four-legged friends you may find roaming around the BirdBrain office. You might be greeted by one of these furry faces as you walk through our door, or you might spot them frolicking in the background while on a Zoom call with our team. Either way, here’s your opportunity to get to know them all!


Owner: Ryan Wilson

You’re likely to cross paths with this cutie when you least expect it! While she’s a little shy and cautious before she gets to know you, Harper will often sneak into meetings when no one’s looking to come and say hello.

Sweet and gentle, our resident groodle loves her nap time as well as trips to the park where she can let loose with her fellow doggos.

She can definitely be a little fussy when it comes to her food, but you can never go wrong with offering Harper a schmako.


Owner: Katie 

Biscuit aka Bikkie, Dingus or Goof, is a loveable staffy cross whose personality has truly blossomed ever since he was adopted by Katie and her partner from the Shenton Park Animal Shelter.

Clumsy and cuddly, Biscuit is the living embodiment of the phrase, ‘just happy to be here’. He enjoys bumbling around the office and encouraging anyone who makes eye contact to play ball with him.

Unlike Harper, nothing is off the menu as far as Biscuit is concerned, but he does seem to be partial to bananas.


Owner: Hannah

As soon as Hannah and her partner saw Bailey as a puppy, they knew they wouldn’t be going home without her.

Friendly and goofy, Bailey likes to think that everything is edible, even socks that have fallen out of the washing.

With a love for hide and seek, you may have to explore the BirdBrain office to spot this golden retriever, but when you find her, she’ll be sure to reward you with a cheerful greeting.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Bailey having a lot of fun at the local park, so much so that she might accidentally run right into you!


Owner: Steph

OK, we’re cheating slightly by including Kaya, but who can say no to that face?

Quarter miniature cow, quarter dalmatian and half sassy diva, Kaya is an intelligent little fluffball who’s fascinated by absolutely everything.

From taking control of Steph’s keyboard to hiding under rugs and grabbing your feet as you walk past, she certainly has a knack for creating mischief and finding ways to have fun.

With a love for human company, Kaya likes to wake up Steph and her partner at 5:30am every morning so that she can be carried around the house like the tiny queen she is.

Come & Visit Our Furry Friends

We’re very lucky to have an open pet policy at BirdBrain, and our office certainly feels brighter whenever one of these furballs comes to visit. If you’re ever in the Subiaco area and feel like a coffee and a chat, why not swing by our office for the chance to meet one of our four-legged team members.