Last Friday, Google rolled out a new local search algorithm update to provide more accurate local search results to businesses. The update has significantly affected the search result pages for many local search queries in US.

There is no internal name for this update however the name Pigeon was decided by the Search Engine Land team to refer it to local search updates as pigeons tend to fly home. The details of this update are available here.

I personally like the name Google Pigeon as it is in sync with the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

What has changed with this update?

The Google Pigeon update will impact local search results with rankings and local businesses likely to see an increase or decrease in website referrals, leads and search queries.

The new algorithm is expected to improve the distance and location ranking parameters of the search results. It has currently rolled out in US English results and aims to provide a useful and relevant experience to users seeking local results.

As of now, there is no evidence as to whether the update will be rolled out in other countries and languages. I’m worried about Australian businesses and whether we should re-look at our strategies and work on improving local listings.

How should Australian Businesses Feed the Pigeon?

  1. Focus on improving your local rankings and listings
  2. Improve your presence on local directories, try leveraging the presence on directories like Yellow Pages, True Local, White Pages, Yelp and more.
  3. Add your correct business address and location on Google Maps and Local Listings

Let us know if your business is affected by this update!