In recent years, ‘big daddy’ Google has practically forced internet users to start adopting its baby Google Plus. Fortunately, Google Plus has battled through the toddler stage and is now a brilliant platform for providing extended reach, visibility and its ability to drive traffic to your website.

Is it no surprise that links, photos and videos get higher engagement from users, however we have seen a recent trend increasing focus on generating more engagement text based content. In our recent blog “Twitter Gets A Facelift – 7 Charged 1 Similarity” we discuss some key changes to the way text is presented which has put text based content back into the limelight.

Bringing this back to Google Plus, we found it is a little known fact that you have been able to manipulate post format for years. Let’s explore some of the shortcuts available:

Outcome Shortcut
Bold text *Bold*
Italics _Italics_
Strikethrough -Strikethrough-
Numbering *1.*         *2.*
Bulletpoint ALT + 8
? ? ??????? ? ? ? ? ? ?  ? ?? Copy and Paste

Below is an example of how the post copy will look before and after posting. Try it out, have some fun with it and make it work for you!

Post copy – BEFORE

Google Plus

Post Copy – AFTER

Google Plus - After

Image Credits: Google Plus ShutterStock