Facebook takes another step toward becoming the one stop mobile experience for users.

In recent months Facebook has acquired some big names and added some key features to its mobile application. The acquisition of Whatsapp for $19 billion was a clear statement from Facebook.

This week Facebook take another step with its Shazam like feature. Using your phones microphone Facebook will be able to tell you amongst millions of songs and TV shows what you’re re listening too. With a click of a button this can be shared to your Facebook fans. Sharing a song will allow your Facebook friends to listen to a 30 second clip without having to leave Facebook.

This official Facebook released photo shows off the interface.


We have seen over recent years the hashtag creeping into TV shows, encouraging viewer engagement. Hahstags like #TheBlock for channel 9’s The Block or #SN7 for 7’s Sunday Night program provides an outlet for viewers to express their opinion, share the story and engage at a deeper level with the program. With this new feature Facebook appears to be trying to pull TV social media engagement from Twitter. The recent changes to Twitter show a trend towards making social media easier to use by reducing the time investment of posting content. We would also expect then to see an increase in hashtag use on Facebook as users engage with this new feature and continue to incorporate the official TV show hashtags.

Key Takeaway:

Facebook is serious about being the one stop shop.

So what is next for Facebook?

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Our best bet is a reimage of its review and location service; watch out FourSquare, Yelp and UrbanSpoon.

Image Credits: ShutterStock Facebook