In line with our commitment to transparency, I thought I’d open up on our most commonly asked question…..”how much do you charge?”

I wish I could say that we operate purely for the good of our clients, but that wouldn’t be true. Like any business, we face the day to day challenge of balancing income and expenses, number of staff and volume of work, quality and output, not to mention the need to make a profit. It’s this balance that effectively defines our pricing structure.

Hourly rate

The basis of our cost structure is our standard hourly rate – $180 per hour + GST. We arrived at this rate through a combination of a few factors:

  • Our processes and quality control process developer over 25 + years
  • The quality, art direction and safety that comes from a mature, experienced team
  • The holistic and thorough nature of our work

When charging for work completed by a junior designer or developer, the rate will be discounted to $150 per hour + GST to adequately reflect their knowledge and experience..

We’ve found that our hourly rate sits at around the average rate for the services we provide. Sole traders and home based providers will generally be cheaper due to the absence of overheads and the benefits that come from being surrounded by a team of experts while large agencies carry a perception of value that attracts a premium. Both of these scenarios have merits. While a home operator may be cheaper, they may lack the collaborative benefits of a larger agency. A large ad agency will have a larger structure but of course you’ll pay for it.

We sit fairly well in the middle of these 2 extremes and like to think our rate reflects a fair balance of value and quality.


Usually when we take on a project of significant size – say a website, ongoing SEO, or brochure design, we will quote up front and presuming the scope of the project doesn’t change while it’s being completed. This is what we will charge.

Monthly agreements

Is some cases work will require a reoccurring charge, usually monthly. A good example of this an ongoing SEO projects which cannot be completed as a one off project.

In situations like this, we calculate the time required each month and for which hourly rate and calculate our fee from this.

Special rates

Under some circumstances we need to tailor our rates for a client’s specific requirement. For example we have several clients who require a priority after hours for which we have arranged a fixed response time at a higher rate.

We also offer a retainer arrangement for some clients where a discount is negotiated based on a fixed number of hours per month.

Actual costs

So how do these costs translate to actual projects? While we don’t have standard project rates as we quote each project on its unique requirements, below are some approximate costs:

  • basic website $5,000 – $8,000
  • Complex website $10,000 +
  • E-commerce website $15,000 +
  • Local SEO campaign $$1,500 + per month
  • National or highly competitive SEO campaign $2,000 + per month
  • Brand development $10,000 +

More than anything, we’ve realised that the viability of our services relies on the consistency that long term clients bring. Taking this a step further, clients will only choose to work with us long term if we deliver results at least in line with their expectation. For this reason we work with a focus on results rather than tasks.

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