The concept of eCommerce has introduced a whole new category of consumer; the online shopper.

With no physical shop to peruse, the online shopping experience has changed the thought processes of the modern day consumer. In traditional sales the consumer’s decision to purchase is influenced by the ambience of the store, friendly staff and the look and feel of the products themselves. When it comes to online shopping, online consumers are affected by speed, design of website, trustworthiness, review and images.

This infographic looks into what leads an online shopper into a digital transaction, and more importantly what causes them to scarper. From understanding what causes an online shopper to abandon a website, you can design the ultimate shopping experience to facilitate the needs of the modern day consumer. Encouraging sales doesn’t just stop at the product pages; the digital checkout is just as, if not more, important as the rest of the experience. From unclear delivery details to registering before buying; the checkout is the final stamp of approval in a digital transaction which can be the make or break of a deal.

Consumer Psychology and ECommerce Checkouts Infographic

Kirsten is a developer. She works with leading voucher code company Vouchercloud. Her team at Vouchercloud have put this infographic together to identify significant factors which affect checkout abandonment rates.