I began the first day of my Content Marketing internship by dodging my way through the Magpie guards outside the BirdBrain office. I boldly entered and was greeted by Mel, who warmly introduced me to a few people around the office.

Before we leave for our first meeting of the day, Mel briefs me on our client, who has just signed up for a Content Strategy! I’m excited for my first scoping meeting.

Mel and I hopped into her beautiful new soccer mum car, and race to get our hit of caffeine before the meeting. We (surprisingly) reached the client’s building on time given our “slight” Google maps drama.

The meeting goes for roughly an hour. We talk about all aspects of the strategy, paying special attention to establishing the scope of the strategy and our client’s expectations. I was quite nervous, trying to take as many notes as possible (whilst also being concerned that they would notice my terrible handwriting!).

As we arrive back at BirdBrain the worst thing that could happen to an intern on their first day happened… I spilt my old coffee all over Mel’s brand new car as I was opening the door!

There was a second where I just thought, “Jess just get in your car and drive away”. Mel was very cool calm and collected about it. Instead of getting angry, she laughed hysterically… which concerned me more!

Now the office has a running joke about me not drinking in anyone’s car. I think of this experience as a hilarious moment for them, and an extremely embarrassing one for my pride.

Following this I joined the team to a delicious welcome lunch at their local Thai favourite, Six Senses!

I am very inspired and excited to be working here. I cannot wait for what my future with BirdBrain holds!

Stay tuned for the next edition of the “Coffee Intern Series”