In 2018 we published a blog post titled ‘Why BirdBrain Is Using React‘. We talked about our foray into ReactJS, the Facebook-built JavaScript Library made for building clean, efficient, user-focused websites.

Since then our passion for the web hasn’t changed. We’re still building in React, we’re still using WordPress and we’re still entirely focused on building websites that use the most stable and robust frameworks that the web has to offer. It’s for this reason that in 2019 we developed Koval.

What is Koval?

Koval (yes, like the whiskey!) is the BirdBrain built, open-source boilerplate that we use for most of our website development.

We pair WordPress, the CMS that exists as a mainstay in the web development industry, with Gatsby. You can read more about Gatsby on the official website. In short, it’s a static site generator and progressive web app that delivers unparalleled speed and performance for all users.

Transitioning from WordPress to Koval

In the interest of practicing what we preach, in August we decided to take the leap and rebuild our website. Transitioning from WordPress to a static site, while retaining the same design.

The brief was pretty clear: A complete rebuild, retaining our existing design and without sacrificing rankings or conversions during our migration.

Thankfully, as we’re still using WordPress as our CMS, our content migration was seamless.

The benefits were clear;

  • Added security
  • A faster website experience
  • No WordPress ‘Bloat’

The Result

A successful rebuild, with no downtime. Added security as our WordPress back end is no longer exposed to the world. A website that’s completely custom to our needs, everything displayed on the front end or in the code is something we’ve elected to put there, removing the bloat from standard WordPress builds. And speed.

Our crawls have never looked better.

Google is downloading our pages in record time.

And for users, the transition from one page to another is flawless.

If you’d like a faster website built with Gastby get in touch with us today.