Over the years, we’ve been lucky to be part of countless branding journeys. We’ve transformed so many businesses from the inside out, helping them to create a brand that communciates their unique story. Read on to discover just a handful of the projects we’ve worked on.

People Solutions

People Solutions are a team of organisational development consultants who provide strategic solutions and support in the areas of talent attraction, retention and transition. Back in 2009, their brand did not express the quality of their offering, the expertise of their people or their industry-leading reputation. We worked closely with their team to develop a new brand identity that perfectly captures their brand personality and company values.

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Peritas Group

Peritas came to us as a very different engineering company to the one they are today. Despite their talent, passion and out-of-the-box approach to their work, they were often being overlooked by potential clients. We needed to help them sharpen their image and refresh their brand to showcase their incredible skillset and unique way of thinking.

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Experts in aero-mechanical conveying solutions, Floveyor needed their brand to communicate their rich history and experience. We worked with them to develop a robust brand that expresses their company values and brand personality. When it came to their website, we leaned on a combination of clever design and compelling messaging to deliver an engaging experience.

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Capital Partners

While the Capital Partners name is synonymous with a high calibre of service, their brand was not expressing the same level of esteem to the wider market. It was up to us to realign the Capital Partners brand with the quality of their offering and differentiate the firm from their competitors by communicating their unique story.

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Lycopodium provides engineering expertise and support to complex projects all over the globe. While their name was held in high repute, their dated brand was in need of a refresh.

They engaged us to align their brand with the quality of their services and position them as an industry leader. With an emphasis on building a strong internal culture, their brand also needed to unite their team across all their offices, locally and abroad.

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Hydra Storm

In 2020, we were approached by our long-term client TCD Group to create a standalone brand for their precast business.

The brand needed to communicate the evolution of the business as well as their key competitive differences.

Starting with a brand strategy, we captured their innovative, dynamic and down to earth brand personality, producing a suite of branded elements. We also developed a new website to showcase their capabilities.

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Adage Furniture

Adage Furniture and their sister company Core Hospitality work with bars, cafés and restaurants across the country, finding ways to turn empty spaces into vibrant, happy places.

As they were, the Adage Furniture and Core Hospitality Furniture brands did not express the personality of their team or their approach to their work. There was also the added challenge of having two companies with two different names in two different locations that were working together to provide the same service.

They approached us to help them establish one, united brand that would communicate who they are and what they love to do.

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