For more than twenty years, BirdBrain has been using digital marketing to support the growth of all sorts of businesses. Our focus has always been on finding ways to provide our clients with real value by developing strategies that fulfil specific objectives. As we enter the next phase of growth in our own business, we’re looking to take our offering to the next level.

BirdBrain may have started out in the west, but it’s our Sydney team that has come to lead the charge in our website and app development services. Now, we are expanding our Sydney office to include SEO, PPC and social media management.

As digital marketing and website development go hand in hand, it makes sense to broaden the scope of our Sydney base. It also allows us to start developing strong, lasting partnerships with businesses based on the east coast. Rather than delivering a one-off web or app project, we now have the capacity to help Sydney businesses build sustainable brand equity through ongoing digital marketing services.

Our Perth and Sydney teams have always worked very closely together, despite the distance and time difference between them. As our Sydney office steps up to the plate of this new challenge, our Perth based specialists will be providing support to ensure a successful transition.

We’re excited by the opportunity to start working with new businesses that can benefit from our approach to digital marketing. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with brands across a wide range of industries, from fresh start-ups right through to robust national companies, and we hope to continue this trend at our Sydney office.

At BirdBrain, we are genuinely interested in understanding our clients before we even make any attempt to generate results. Metrics such as website traffic, SEO rankings and social media engagement are only meaningful when put into the context of what a business is looking to achieve.

We have adapted the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology used by heavyweights such as Google, Amazon and Twitter to provide our clients with a roadmap of how we will use digital marketing to specifically target their areas of focus. By comparing our results to our OKR strategy, we can determine the success of our activities, adjust course where needed and discover new opportunities.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Sydney that will be as passionate about your business as you are, then BirdBrain could be the right fit for you. Contact us today to chat about your business.