2019 was a significant year at BirdBrain. I’d go so far as to say it was the year we finally understood our purpose.

For decades, we’ve worked with our clients to develop their brand identity, a large part of which is understanding their true purpose for existing. While we had defined ours, it never quite felt right – like an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Over the course of last year, we workshopped our way toward understanding what already existed, but wasn’t articulated. When the penny eventually dropped, it transformed everything.

In a word, it’s about equity, and more importantly, building it for our clients.

Like most agencies, we previously believed that our work was about delivering growth for our clients. Slogans such as “growth agents” and “we’ll grow your business” have become the standard offering for most agencies, and we were no different.

Of course, growth isn’t a bad thing. Most of us would take it any day of the week. However, we believe equity is a more important platform.

Equity building is more than our approach. It’s the reason we opened our doors in the first place. Equity is value. It’s merit. Quality. Worth. Sometimes measurable or commercial. Sometimes intangible or emotional. It’s the critical mass your brand needs to survive and creates the momentum it needs to thrive.

By shifting our focus to equity, we transcend the lack of vision that accompanies the singular pursuit of business growth. Equity growth fortifies your business, creating tangible value and sustainability. It yields short-term results, while ensuring long-term returns.

As we go into 2020, our business will become more strategically aligned to this purpose, with a focus on the four following areas.


To build and communicate growing equity building into our clients’ businesses.


One aligned, collaborative team driven by autonomy, continuous learning and empowered individual expertise.

Shared Learning

Equal responsibility for constant personal and business improvement.


A range of focussed, process driven solutions that meet clients’ long-term objectives.

Each of these is driven by our purpose, built around our ideal client and as always, focussed on a long-term vision.

In the months ahead, we’ll share more of our equity purpose and how it benefits our clients.