As each day goes by, the impact of Coronavirus is becoming more and more widespread. But instead of adding to the hysteria, we all need to channel our energies into supporting one another. We all need to take precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19 and protect the at-risk members of our community.

With offices in Perth and Sydney, we take our corporate responsibility in this situation very seriously. Given the nature of our work, we’re very fortunate that we can continue to provide our services to our clients during this time. This week we have put the following practices into place to protect the safety of both our clients and ourselves.

Working from home

We’ve always given our team the option to work remotely when needed. Sometimes creatives, developers and technical experts need a quiet, controlled environment to help them power through a project. Other times, life happens. There are many reasons why it may be more suitable for a team member to work at home on any given day.

Since Monday 16 March, we’ve encouraged our team to work remotely. Our office is still open as usual, it’s just a little emptier, with a handful of team members keeping things up and running.

Video and phone meetings

In being mindful of social distancing recommendations, we are now limiting face to face meetings and offering video and phone meetings instead. Even our internal meetings are now being restricted to Zoom video chats.

It doesn’t matter whether your account manager is working from home or posted in the office, you can still reach them via their direct lines or the main office phone.

Hygiene habits

The few team members remaining in the office are adhering to all of the advised hygiene practices, including regular hand washing and hand sanitising. If anyone begins to feel unwell, they will immediately return home.

How will this impact our clients?

Our work will continue as usual. We’re working harder than ever to deliver the best possible results in these tough times. We’ve got our thinking caps on and are dedicating ourselves to identifying opportunities to further assist our clients.

If your business has been affected by Covid-19, reach out to your account manager. We’re not only here to support you and your business through these challenging times but stay focussed on achieving your long term goals.