The Perth SEO landscape has gone up another notch in the past year with companies undoubtedly seeing SEO services as a marketing necessity. As a leading SEO company in Perth we love the challenge of delivering everything and more to our clients when it comes to SEO.

You have probably heard the saying “happy wife happy life”, well we say “happy client happy work” admittedly it doesn’t have the same ring to it but to us it is as important.

So let’s get into the 5 ways to win your clients heart with your SEO service:

1. Explain SEO and Your SEO Activities

There is a fine line between making your client feel silly and providing them with information. At the end of the day you are the expert – that is why they hired you. A client will love you for explaining what it is you are actually doing and the end goal.

Takeaway: Ensure your client leaves the first meeting with the ability to explain SEO to someone else.

2 – Visibility

So when was the last time you clicked a link on page two of Google?

Although the back end SEO services are somewhat invisible the results are crystal clear. We encourage our clients to check out SEO results for themselves by simply searching their keywords and looking at where they rank.

Takeaway: Communicate to your clients the transparency of SEO results and that at any time they can see the result with a quick keyword search.

3 – Look Back To Go Forward

SEO is like rowing, you look backwards to go forwards.

What we mean is that a keyword may have increased to the number 1 ranking, but where did it start? Was it running a close second or did it previously not register in the top 100?

We provide our clients with a snapshot of the current situation so we can compare it to the next period. It provides an easy to read report of what has improved and by how much. Clients love to see improved numbers rather than arbitrary reporting.

The Takeaway: Give your numbers context and tell an easier story to your clients.

4 – Clear Reports

Have you ever received a report or document that required you to flip pages over, change orientation or perhaps zoom in just to read it properly? A safe bet is yes, and your SEO clients will get tired of dealing with you if they receive a report like this.

Providing reports in a format that is not only consistent and comparable but also readable and printable will make you a client favorite. A simple explanation of buzzwords will also help your clients interpret the report and perhaps provide useful feedback that will assist future SEO efforts.

The Takeaway: It may be hard enough for those new to SEO, don’t make it even harder.

5 – Communication

Number 5 ties all the previous tips together. Like any good relationship communication is key. An SEO company is not just a bunch of faceless people hacking keywords and sending out numbers. At every stage you want your client to be 100% on board with your SEO activities and familiar with your name, voice and face!

For bigger clients it may seem like a spam fest if you update your client for every activity so be tactical with what you send through. Going that step further to maintain the relation lets the client know they can call you with new information that may assist you provide a better SEO service.

The Takeaway: Transparent and clear communication helps your client help you.

Win Your SEO Client’s Heart…

The overall takeaway of this article is that to achieve the best result for your client, you should win their hearts. No trickery just good old fashion service and results!