Twitter can be a scary place. There is more clutter on Twitter than a teenager’s room with a barrage of tweets about everything from celebrities in rehabs to the latest shock sporting result.

Twitter has given the individual a voice to broadcast opinion and talk back to brands. So with great power comes great responsibility – or some may say. So here are my top 5 recommended things you can be doing to maximise the power of Twitter.

1 – Use Lists

Not everyone knows they exist but if you navigate to the settings icon in the top left and click lists. You can organise the hectic world of Twitter into customised lists for whatever your heart desires.

We use lists to monitor the news and our social media client’s activity. Shifting through the noise on your unfiltered feed you can miss a heap of important information from those who really matter.

An added bonus is that you don’t need to follow a user to add them to a list and get their content, so fierce rivals Tom and Jerry can now follow each other without the other knowing (yes they have a page – @TheTomAndJerry. A cherry on top is that you can follow other users lists, letting someone else do all the hard work for you. We would warn against this for the most part, but it’s a time effective way of getting great organized content.

2 – Favorite

We have all done it – looked, loved and enjoyed a post/tweet but shown no indication to the publisher. Perhaps it’s time to take a self-interest approach when opting to ‘favorite’ a tweet. Not only do you get to tell the original publisher you enjoyed their content but you are enhancing your brand visibility.

When you ‘favorite’ a tweet you bring your brand to the direct attention of the original publish. They get a notification of your ‘favorite’ and your brand is aligned with that content as seen if you click ‘favourite’ on the embedded tweet below.

It’s worth noting that you can see the history of what other people have ‘favourited’ and what you have ‘favourited’ on the launch pad – so don’t spam favorite or you will get backlash from your followers.

3 – Analytics

It may be a drag but analytics really maters when it comes to checking in on what’s working, when and then determining why!

Thankfully the new Twitter analytics released mid 2014 has been designed so literally anyone can understand the fundamentals.

You should become familiar withTwitter analytics and use it to validate your efforts and guide your future content.

4 – Hashtags

There is so much opportunity in hashtags but even more that can go wrong.

#no #one #wants #to #read #a #sentence #like #this – so don’t do it.

Not only does it make it really hard to read, it achieved nothing. The idea of a hashtag is to align your content to a thread, which has relevant users already participating and viewing. A thread such as #SocialMedia will include a variety of tweets all about social media. A hashtag thread about the word ‘no’ could literally have anything in there.

Hashtags could be a blog on it’s own – and it is so check it  here.


Note – You can set your trends to whatever location you desire for relevant results.

5 – Search

The search feature is by far my favorite feature on Twitter. The advanced nature of the search allows you to search for keywords, people, topics, trends, threads, hashtags and anything in between from the one place.

You can use this tool to generate leads, find information and generally participate in Twitter conversations. There are endless uses for the search feature such from monitoring and responding to brand mentions to answering users questions with your services..

Let’s take a Subiaco Cafe that searches the term “Perth coffee”. The beauty of Twitter search is that no priority is placed in the order of words so you could get results worded like “best coffee in Perth”, “best Perth coffee” or any other mixture of words. The same café could also be searching for the terms Subiaco and engage in a natural way to build awareness for a relevant target.

The lesson is just to use search as a way of – you guessed it, searching. You will be surprised how many users on Twitter literally telling you they need you. “Who has good coffee in Perth?” is your opportunity to leap in and offer your services.

The Takeaway: There are so many opportunities available on Twitter – It’s a matter of participating and getting active for best results.

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