We have put together our list of 5 Popular WordPress SEO Plugins that are worth considering if you manage your own SEO

Since 2003, blogging has grown as a mainstream means of content creation and search engine optimisation. This has seen WordPress move from strength to strength. Starting out as a simple blogging tool, WordPress is now a fully integrated content management system. Hosting websites, blogs, or both, WordPress is the backbone of many leading brand websites throughout the world.

One key to WordPress’ success and usability is the open source nature of the platform, allowing anyone to add and develop great plugins. As a result, there is a rich collection of SEO plugins.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Essentially, this an SEO analytics tool that helps you with optimising keywords for on-site SEO. Included are analysis tools that help to identify areas where SEO can be improved such as alternative tags and it also presents a preview of how content will appear search engine results.

Wordpress SEO Yoast

EWWW Image Optimiser

This plugin will optimise your images as you upload them to your blog. This great tool has the added benefit of optimising previously uploaded images helping with load speeds, backup time and overall better optimisation.

EWWW Image Optimizer

WordPressSocial Sharing Optimisation (WPSSO)

WPSSO influences SEO by adding HTML Meta tags to the head section on a WordPress site which influences the search efficiency for shared content. This also gives social websites the information it needs, so when sharing content it is optimised for better search results.

wordpress social sharing

RDFa Breadcrumb

The RDFa Breadcrumb plugin provides links back to the previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page. It also helps Google to recognise and display breadcrumbs on search results.

RDFA Breadcrumb

Virante In-Depth Articles Generator

This plugin generates Meta Data for your pages to better present search results to the users.

Are you using any of these on your website? We would love to hear from you and happy to manage the SEO campaigns for your business.

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