Facebook is the latest of the giants to tidy up its appearance. Facebook has made key changes to its news-feeds and brand pages.

As a page owner you can now opt to change over to the new layout now, or leave it till July 17th when Facebook changed it for you.

If you’re adverse to change or trying to decide what is different I have analysed the top 5 changes:


1 Admin Panel

Previously an overview of the page, activity and insights where slapped at the top of your profile with a fairly impractical layout. This new panel allows you to easily navigate through various sections as well as sub sections. You will also be able to track and monitor performance of other pages via insights, showing how you stack you against your competitors.


2 Cover Image

“Not another image size change”. We can confirm the image size stays the same the only change is that your profile picture and text now overlays the cover image. Twitter recently updated their Twitter profiles to display the opposite so it is an interesting move form Facebook. We have however noticed timeline photos slowly growing in size, so make note of this and adjust your image posting accordingly.

3 Custom Tabs

The custom tabs have become text links, easily navigated and positioned just below the cover image. Not to worry the pretty application images haven’t gone far, they are on the left column further down the newsfeed. It may be harder to grab attention to some of your key applications but with this we expect to see more creative and colorful pictures sued to attract attention.

4 News Feed

Facebook have ditched the two-column news feed and now everything is displayed on the right. This makes it much easier to scroll and read without having to dart your eyes and determine what was published first.

5 Page Info

Moving content to the right has freed up the left for a more detailed and readable page information. This includes who the page have liked, number of likes, applications, pictures, posts by users to the page and the all important about section.

In all I give a tick of approval to the new page updates. It is easier, more intuitive and friendlier to navigate and use.