You have scoured the web for inspiration, written countless drafts and conjured up enough courage to upload it to the editors. Sound familiar?

We spend too much time and effort producing content for visitors to turn around and say ‘that was a nice article, but what do I do now?’  It would be a wasted opportunity not to leverage your efforts and guide the visitor deeper into the content marketing sales funnel.

Effective calls to action (CTA’s) help direct visitors through the different phases of the funnel, from information gathering to comparison making to finally taking action.

So what are some example CTA’s that will help your content get liked, trusted and convert visitors to customers?

1. Offer More Relevant Research Links

Best way to keep the customer on your site is to direct them to related articles and resources on your site. The majority of visitors are researching and educating themselves on a particular topic.

e.g. So you’ve now learned The benefits Social Media engagement can bring to your business, you might also be interested in Best practices when setting up Facebook Pages.

2. Hook Them With Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff! Give away useful content such as e-books, white pages, webinars, video tutorials, templates and info-graphics in return for an email address.

e.g. This article summarises key learnings from Chapter Three: Search Wins from our renowned web series SEO The Ultimate Guide, click on the link for free access to the complete web series.

3. Direct Them To Social Proof

Social signals are becoming important Google ranking factors because consumers are increasingly investigating company profile pages for trustworthiness and peer-reviews. Direct your audience to your Facebook Page so that they can discover your authenticity and get a better understanding of your brand.

e.g. We have just announced a venue and date for this product release via our Facebook page, join our event to secure a your spot, only 25 places left.

4. Give Them Customer Interactions

Equally effective in providing social proof is luring visitors to positive client testimonials on your site. Genuine images and videos of clients interacting with your product/service coupled with word-for-word referrals further humanises and legitimises your business in the eyes of the potential customer.

e.g. We’ve helped 100’s of clients reach their desired targets by using this proven formulae, listen to some of their success stories.

5. Sign Them Up

If you can keep them, all the better right? Show you are committed to providing ongoing useful content through a free subscription to your regular newsletter. Being seen as an expert and an innovator in the market is where you want to be positioned.

e.g. Get more never before released data and more via our monthly newsletter, its a free subscription!

Whether it be for a blog post, landing page or even your meta description, make it a priority to flesh out a compelling CTA that will yield a high click through rate and gives you the best chance to retain them as a long term customer.  So here is our CTA, plain as day – Facebook is launching a Shop Now CTA button on Facebook Pages.

We can get you up to speed starting with a  Social Media Marketing Consultation.