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Mobile apps for a mobile world

Imagine a world, where there are no boundaries, no rules and a virtually untapped array of opportunities. A place where a global audience is just seconds away and rules won’t stifle your dreams. No, it’s not Narnia – it’s the mobile app development scene and it’s here right now. The question is – are you ready?

Business focused mobile app development

Smartphones and tablets are outpacing desktop. Fast. The immediacy of native mobile apps allows for a level of personal and complex user interactions unmatched by traditional websites.

To take full advantage of the technology, we’ve learnt that every project is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile app development won’t deliver results. Our approach is quite the opposite. We spend time understanding your goals, your customers and the available technologies. We use modern languages, libraries and platforms like Java, Swift, React Native and Firebase to complement your projects scope and budget.

Our mobile app developers craft apps that propel brands front and centre into the customer mobile engagement space.

Tell me about your mobile app development process

Reliable & Secure

Mobile apps take fast and reliable to a new level. Once the framework is downloaded to the device the visuals and content are served, instantly. iOS apps are rigorously tested before being approved for the App Store.

Native & Integrated

Mobile apps utilise native UI, which means, your customers already know the language and gestures to interact with the app. Native mobile apps also leverage native software features (touch, tap and swipe, location) and hardware (camera/video) to enhance the app functionality.

Discoverable & Monetised

Customers already know where to discover your app (Google Play and the Apple App stores). These marketplaces help to monetise your app, driving downloads and conversions.

Unique features of native mobile apps

Mobile apps typically perform faster than mobile web apps and are more closely integrated with pre-existing features on the mobile device.

Other reasons mobile apps are a smart choice:

  • Some apps function without an internet connection
  • Leverages the growth of the iOS & Android market
  • App stores handle the payment process (small % of sale)
  • Reach more customers in the Google Play and Apple App Store marketplace
  • Strict iOS approval process ensures product safety and quality
  • Public documentation, tools, best practices and support from device manufacturers

Build profitable, "I can’t live without" iOS & Android mobile apps

We want your mobile app to be a success. Don’t opt for an outsourced, superficial, restricted and UX-less development option. Build your iOS or Android app with our expert mobile app developers and discover the difference with 100% local design, development and deployment.

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