The who and the why.

The who and the why.

There are agencies all over the world offering the same how and what as us, but it’s the who and why that defines us and brings our clients back for more.

Our team are a passionate collective of brands strategists, storytellers, designers and coders – all different, but all sharing the same vision, and living the same values.


Jess Bacon

Marketing Assistant

Our coffee-spilling intern, now marketing assistant, is passionate about creating thumb-stopping content. A recent university graduate, Jess brings excitement, humour and zest to the BirdBrain team.


Chiara Rossi


Chiara’s lifelong passion for all things art and design drives her to constantly innovate and work to improve her craft. When she isn’t working or organising our social events, you’ll find Chiara racing around on her Segway, learning how to make Intsa-worthy terrariums, or using all her phone data on Snapchat.


Juliet Street

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy. Creative direction. Art direction. Juliet loves it all. And has been doing it for over 25 years. She thrives on telling brand stories that work. When she isn’t working magic with brands, Juliet travels, for inspiration, takes yoga classes, which stills her, and spends time with friends, which keeps her grounded.


Puravin Sivaganam

Web Developer

A passion ignited from a high school project launched Puravin’s passion for a career in web development. As part of our Sydney office, Puravin is an expert in creating lean code and constantly works to improve how we do what we do. When he escapes his computer, he plays soccer and enjoys the diverse cuisines available in Sydney.


Sam Logan

Technical Lead

From attaining a passion for all things ‘nerd’ as a rebellious young teen filming skateboarding videos and hacking away at MySpace band profiles on a beaten up egg shaped iMac G3, Sam has developed exceptional technical knowledge and is an Australian Web Award winning designer and a double certified Magento developer. He is currently leading our quest into the app development world. An avid skateboarder, whisky appreciator and music aficionado, Sam speaks more than tech-geek.


John Foley


John is magnetised to strong branding and iconic design. He is motivated by those designs you can’t imagine the world without and truly lose yourself in. When he isn’t exercising (he even exercises on his lunch break!) or hanging with loved ones, John spends his time listening to, writing and recording music and taking next-level abstract digital photos.


David Metcalf

Business Development

Having discovered the power of digital marketing in his first business DiskBank, David decided to follow his passion and founded BirdBrain. When he isn’t meeting new clients or supporting our team, David is a musician and a collector of vintage guitars.


Mark Mollart

Design and Development

Creative simplicity. It’s the approach to website development Mark has developed since starting with our sister company DiskBank in 2007. When he isn’t creating a killer UI design (his specialty!) or providing our clients with IT support, Mark can be caught playing zombie apocalyptic games, watching the footy or spearfishing… but without killing any fish.


Michelle Jones

Production Manager

Michelle is our Martha Stewart and keeps us all in check behind the scenes. She is the smile you see when you walk in the door and has a wealth of industry experience, including working in animation, print advertising, photography and graphic design. Plan your meetings for a Monday… it’s cookie day!


Katja Lambert

Senior Designer

Everything Katja does is an extension of her passion for design. She is surrounded by inspiration, from carpentry to custom cars to music. Her level of immersion in the design world takes her work to that next level. Over her 10 years with Luminosity, Katja has consistently pushed the boundaries of brand design development and implementation.


Mel Newcombe

Content Strategist

Mel is all about words and brands. Her way with words has seen her work with sports, local Government and major media networks. Now, her wordsmith skills assist our clients to achieve a great brand impact. When Mel escapes from her keyboard, this lover of red wine spends time with family and friends… or shopping. She does a lot of that.


Karen Metcalf


Math is Karen’s thing. We love the passion she brings to our accounts – just ask her about her satisfaction when everything balances! When she isn’t crunching the numbers, Karen loves throwing pottery (not at people – the pottery thrown on a wheel kind) and the zoo – beautiful gardens, cute animals and a picnic, what’s not to like?


Tom Smolarek

Digital Marketing Specialist

From planning a career in finance to finding his passion in digital marketing, Tom is excited by the constant changes and development in our industry. Our fashion ambassador finds motivation in seeking synergy and the “elegant solution” – a simple, yet game-changing strategy. If you spot Tom outside the office, you’ll find him playing sport or finding the low-hanging fruit.


Victor Fauszen


Victor is our resident goal-setter and is driven by his passions for technological innovation and quest for excellence. This motivates him to constantly push boundaries and think creatively with his web designs. When he isn’t at work, Victor loves playing soccer, riding his bike, spending time with his son and spoiling his wife.


Ryan Wilson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lured by the appeal of a fast-paced industry, Ryan is even more passionate about digital marketing and creating innovative work for his clients than he is of his impressive collection of jeans. Rumour has it, he has over 50 pairs! Ryan loves playing and following sport, hanging out with friends and at the beach with his dog.


Glenn Langridge

Head of Digital Marketing

Glenn is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does. Our self-confessed coffee snob and lawn bowls player loves meeting with clients, understanding their business, and devising a personalised digital marketing strategy achieve their goals. Away from “digital-land”, Glenn plays cricket and watches AFL – GO EAGLES!


Nick Druery

Digital Producer

Nick started with us as an eager DiskBank Account Manager in 2010 and is part of the fabric that makes BirdBrain. When he isn’t fueling his e-Commerce obsession with double-shot caps, Nick is surfing, playing beach volleyball or strolling with his moodle. Pick the right day for a meeting and she might even be in the office!


Ryan Price

SEO Specialist

From a career in the health industry to finding his true passion as an SEO specialist, Ryan has over 14 years international marketing experience. If you’re able to catch him when he’s not working on SEO, you’re likely to find him in the gym lifting heavy things or in the ocean, surfing or free diving.


Kate Gibson

Account Manager

A passion for excellence has driven Kate to be highly experienced in managing the creative process. She has delivered projects on brief and budget in multiple industries and for a wide range of clients. When she isn’t managing national brand launches or major website redevelopment projects, Kate enjoys a sneaky marathon and trying the latest brunch spot.


Liz Mah

Digital Strategist

Liz first realised marketing was her destiny when she started paying as much attention in her university classes as she did Game of Thrones! Her quests include chewing up bland tactics and spitting out winners. Rumour has it she is a valiant warrior in the realms of Dota2, and a seasoned yoga spirit when in the “zen”.

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